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IZO(tm) Public: Everybody's Network Cloud | Google Cloud Platform
IZO(tm) Public: Everybody's Network Cloud | Google Cloud Platform

Everybody’s Network Cloud

Obtain network services that connect your enterprise infrastructure directly to Google Cloud Platform over enterprise grade connections provided by Tata Communications.

About IZO™ Public

IZO™ Public connects with Google Cloud Interconnect, providing a dedicated and deterministic route for Tata Communications’ enterprise customers to Google Cloud Platform.

IZO™ Public defines content and delivers it via dedicated and determined routes to and from Google Cloud Platform, with guaranteed performance for Tata Communications’ enterprise customers.

Customer Benefits

  • Just one hop away to Google Cloud Platform on Tata Communications’ Tier-1 IP network
  • Address the challenges of congested enterprise internet connectivity
  • Focus on your product, not network issues


  • Handle peak traffic requirements
  • Fixed & burstable service
  • Customised performance monitoring & reporting
  • A dedicated and deterministic route

A leader in global network solutions, Tata Communications is uniquely positioned as the only telecommunications company with a global Tier-1 IP network, a presence across six continents, the largest, wholly-owned subsea cable network, and more than 1,000,000 square feet of data centre space in 44 locations worldwide. 24% of the world’s internet routes use Tata Communications’ network.

To learn more about the IZO™ platform from Tata Communications and the IZO™ Public service offering, visit www.tatacommunications.com/IZO

About Google Cloud Interconnect

Google Cloud Interconnect enables you to connect your infrastructure to Google Cloud Platform, via Enterprise-grade connections to Google's network edge. To learn more about Google Cloud Interconnect, visit: cloud.google.com/interconnect

About Google Cloud Platform

Google Cloud Platform enables developers and enterprises to build, test and deploy applications on Google’s highly scalable and reliable infrastructure. To learn more about Google Cloud Platform, visit: https://cloud.google.com


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